Wintery Songs, and long times

I have a show next Tuesday, December 18th, with my longtime friends Jennifer Kimball, Rose Cousins, and Laura Cortese (there’s a photo of me at my wedding with just those gorgeous ladies looking amazing – I love them!). It’s a holiday/winter-themed show, and it’s the last show of the year! I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope to see many of you there. If you don’t get a chance to drive/fly/jetski to Cambridge, though, it will be webcast by concert window – bookmark this URL to make sure you don’t miss it!

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Rose’s “Dead Rabbit” appears on “This American Life”

Hi all! Wow it’s been a long time since I put anything up here… but something amazing happened last week – “Dead Rabbit” appeared on “This American Life” – this show has been a favorite of mine for a really long time. Celebrate with me! Click here to listen.

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Rose P and Elana Arian live on the radio this Friday

We just got the word that Elana and I will be performing live on the radio in Madison this Friday, August 19th! We will visit Chris Power’s “Mud Acres” show, which airs from 9-12 on Friday mornings.

You can tune in online around 11 am this friday, CST, at the WORT website:

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Citizen Dick approves “The Rabbit”

This morning, Citizen Dick, a Cleveland-based music critic, posted a review of “Living in a Country,” prompting me to make it free to the public! Click here to read the review and download the track!

Listen to the track on bandcamp:

Off to St. Louis for a house concert tonight! Been hanging with my family in Wilmette – we went to the lake and it was unbelievable – the waves were so huge and the water was chalky brown with sand.

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Club Passim show will be broadcast live on the internet!

Hey you guys!

I’m so excited to report that the club passim show will be broadcast live on the internet!

Navigate to
on August 23, at 8pm EST and click the play button to watch the show.

there were only 2 tickets left when I checked yesterday.
love, rose

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Listen to a few songs from the new record!

I’ve added a little music player to this page (scroll down, it’s on the right) and also added a “music” page to the site (look up at the main menu!), both featuring a selection of songs from albums I’ve released independently. Please take a listen to the new tracks – there are 5 songs from “The Rabbit” at the top of the playlist.

Those of you who have been checking out the site may have noticed that I am TINKERING with everything. I’m trying to figure out what is my ideal use of various widgets and musician services out there… I’ll keep you posted about what I find.

So far:
Nimbit is the best priced, the most customizable, but the most clunky and difficult to use. It integrates the music calendar with this wordpress site, which I like. The email thing is the hardest to deal with.
Reverbnation is the easiest, but I don’t love the format of it’s widgets – it’s all to red and black for me. And it doesn’t integrate with WordPress in all the ways I would like. Email is more expensive than Nimbit, but easier and nicer-looking.
I love CDbaby, but I wish they had more integrated features I could use with wordpress.

Anyway – I am still working on it.
xo rose

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CD Release dates announced! and more coming…

Hi All!

As I finish the artwork/layout (featuring a beautiful illustration by artist Peter Lalish) for the new album, “The Rabbit” – some CD release dates are coming together!

Check out the “Concerts” page on this site, but also here’s the short list:

August 17, Uncommon Ground Devon, Chicago, IL (with Elana Arian on fiddle)
August 19, Motherfool’s Coffeehouse, Madison, WI (with Alana)
August 23, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA (with the gorgeous, sprawling, full on studio ensemble – 11+ wonderful musicians!)
August 24 – Living Room, NYC, with the whole band again!

more soon…

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Singing in the Brian Webb “Mystery Train” residency in June 2011

Happy Summer, everybody!

My friend Brian Webb asked me to play and sing with him in the Netherlands last month, and we’re following it up with shows this month at the Lizard Lounge. He’s calling it the Brian Webb Mystery Train, and it will feature special guests each week, starting with the Sweater Set, from D.C., this Wednesday, June 1st. (I met the girls of the sweater set at the Mountain stage Newsong folk competition and they blew me away! we’ve been friends ever since!). I’ll sing a song or two of my own at the show, and be singing along with Brian and playing my newest instrument, the harmonium.

Here’s some footage of Brian and me at our Netherlands show, the Blue Mountain festival:

Shows are as follows:
Wednesday, June 1st, 8:30pm
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
1667 Massachusetts Avenue, 21+

Wednesday, June 8th, same time and place
(I won’t be at this show, I’ll be at a songwriting retreat!!!!)
special guests from the Providence, RI scene!

Wednesday, June 15th, 8:30pm
special guests TBA, but I know a secret and it’s good.

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New video thanks the Iguana Fund

I wanted to share this video I made (with my friend Elana Arian) last week in order to thank the Iguana Fund for awarding me a grant to help finish my new record! The watercolor stop animation was done at Saltlands studio in Brooklyn (Dumbo), and the song was recorded at Elana’s apartment (Park Slope). Thanks to all who have donated alongside the Iguana Fund! I was at the studio in Brooklyn to mix the album with Gary Maurer (from the band Hem) and the mixes are beautiful! thanks Gary. Gary suggested the whale, and I am grateful.

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SUB ROSA, Friday, January 14th, oh clementine

I’m in the studio today with my friends, mixing down some of the tracks we recorded at Q Division with Sub Rosa last August – and while our amazing engineer Matt Malikowski was busy moving faders, Dinty and I made a new SUB ROSA ad featuring an orange leather sofa and a pretty little clementine.

Check it out!

This SUB ROSA is going to be so much fun – Kris Delmhorst is making her SR debut, fresh off a couple days in the studio recording a new covers project – come hear a teaser! And the wonderful Rose Cousins is actually moving to the Boston area for a few months starting next week, so this will be a great way to tell her you’re happy she’s here.

That’s SUB ROSA – The secret society of Rose Polenzani, friends and strangers
Friday, January 14, 2011, 9:30pm
Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA
(your host) ROSE POLENZANI

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