furthermore, in watercolor

I looked at my website for a few days after finally updating the infrastructure – it just didn’t look right. Have I ever confessed how anti-professional I am about my music? It’s a pretty serious condition. Anyway, I scrapped it and made some watercolors. It’s much homier.

Still working on getting a tour dates and youtube feed to happen – but in the meantime, have a heartwarming watercolor feeling this Wednesday.

Oh, by the way, we had a blizzard yesterday here in Medford, MA.


Good evening, on Wednesday, January 21, 2015. It’s 9:35pm and I’m going to just say a quiet ‘hurrah,’ despite this site being less than a bare-bones version of a website – it’s up again! I went to update it two weeks ago and the whole thing fell apart. Old cicada shell of a thing :)

On facebook, I asked those who’ve liked my page what they look for in a site, and most of you said “tour dates first.” Well, well, well… er… ok. We’ll (I mean I’ll) see what I can do about that.

If you’re new to my music, don’t take this quiet looking website fool you – when I make music I like to do it in a joyous and very harmonious, connected way! Music is evidence of a greater force in the world, and I love to make it. More later.

xo rose