New Residency Announced "Sub Rosette"

The question I've received more than any other over the past few years is "When is the next Sub Rosa?" The show is such a magical experience, and I would often answer "Oh, man, I know! When IS IT?" We are not abandoning the Sub Rosa experience, but we are determined to perpetuate its beauty in a more manageable way, so that we can ultimately do it more often. 

So Billy Beard emailed me with the idea to launch a new version of the show: "Sub Rosette" - with the idea that we could have a smaller group, rotate musicians more often, and let the show breathe a little bit. we go! The new residency will happen every third Wednesday from 8pm - 10pm at Lizard Lounge, starting in a couple weeks on April 17th - wish us luck, because here it comes! 

Wednesday, April 17th, 8pm - 10pm
Lizard Lounge Cambridge
Rose Polenzani
Kris Delmhorst
Annie Lynch
Dietrich Strause
Dave Godowsky
Dana Colley
Zack Hickman
Billy Beard

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Future dates:
Wed, May 15
Wed, June 12 (second Wednesday)
Wed, July 17